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New York Post Online Edition: style

Go now and look at this prom dress, featured prominently in the Prom magazines out now.

This prom dress is so skimpy, even the designer's CEO wouldn't let his teenage daughter wear it. But the dangerously revealing gown, prominently advertised in Seventeen Prom, YM Prom and Teen Prom, and on sale in a Midtown shop, is a top seller for the company this season.

"I was shocked when I first saw it, but now it's one of our top 20 dresses nationwide," says Nick Yeh, the CEO of Xcite, the Stafford, Texas, company that designed the dress and some 200 other styles this season. "I have a 15-year-old daughter and, no, I would not recommend she wear this dress. As a businessman," he adds, "I'm not judging what a teenager should wear or not wear. It's up to the parents to decide for their own children."

Zteen's take: "That's inappropriate!"

PapaC's take: "I've seen hookers dressed better than that."

What mother allows her child to walk out of the door dressed like this?

And as Charlotte Allen over at The Independent Women's Forum asked, "Where do you pin the corsage?"

Just go nekkid sweetie. Save the $495.


In fact, some shops in smaller cities require girls to bring in parental permission slips to buy the dress, Yeh told The Post.

:: banging MY head on the desk ::

Blech. (I'm trying to approximate a sound of revulsion...) And for $495? Do girls really spend that much on a prom dress? Outrageous...

1. My wedding dress cost less than this, and had YARDS more fabric.
2. With a dress like this, why not just skip the prom and go straight to a hotel?
3. Public schools have thankfully imposed a dress code around here for the school day, could they possibly put a ban on outfits like this?
4. Maybe someone could pass out free turtlenecks at the door? It looks more like a skirt with suspenders than a dress.
5. Without lapsing into a complete blame the victim mentality, can I just say that a girl who dresses like this in public is really asking for trouble?

Where does it show a picture of it? I just see the article.

Umm...the under-blouse is missing, right? ;-)
Like jo, my wedding gown cost less than that! And, well, any parent who spends that much on a PROM DRESS, let alone THAT one is just daft, not to mention, likely has their priorities completely messed up. ::sigh::

even cher would be ashamed to be seen in that dress.

Yes. A coworker was showing me a prom magazine. It looked like some of the dresses were worn backwards.

I couldn't see the picture using Firefox, but showed up fine when I switched to Internet Explorer.

I cannot imagine spending that much money on a prom dress. It's half of a dress really. I had to pay for all of my formals and ended up going to thrift stores or borrowing dresses. A much better deal, I think. I am just thankful that my school did enforce a dress code for dances.

I'm with Valerie -- this girl needs to put a shirt on under that thing. It greatly resembles my 1-year-old's overalls...worn backward and with sequins added, of course.

So what you're telling me is that dress is being sold to teenage girls and yet people are worried about seeing boobies when a woman breastfeeds her child in public. Got it.

good point, lauren.

You know I honestly was going to make the crack that this girl must have put he dress on backwards and then I looked up the Xcite line and SHE DID!
Here's the link. The dress is still what you might seng your child off for her date with the football team, but not quite the whorewear it is purported to be by the NY Post.


True, but I just read another article (I'll see if I can't find it) that said the sales of the dress really took off after it was featured "backwards"--leading one to believe that that's the way it's going to be worn in a lot of cases.

I still wouldn't let my daughter (if I had one!) go out in the forwards version!!!

"If my daughter had the body to wear it, I'd let her!"

Read: Too bad my own daughter is a fat slob and not a hot hoo-ey, like this model. Mother of the year award or what?

Speaking of which, what must this model's mother be thinking? Sure, she's an adult, but that doesn't mean she still doesn't look like a pig.

On a high note, it was good to hear the Stuyvesant kids all being appropriately appalled. That's considered one of the brainiest HS's in NY; very difficult to get into. So there is hope for the future, even if it is NYC.

I suppose my daughter could wear it, as long as she wears a teeshirt over it.

The problem is with the prom, that sexualizes and materializes young girls.

is it a prom dress or a porn dress?



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