tell me these aren't beautimous chitlins

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kids group-ee.jpg

this photo of the smocklins was taken by MBW is a compilation of four different poses. that's right. whoever said "the camera doesn't lie" didn't have the advantage of photoshop.


Great photo ... and you are so right. Our kids probably will never take "photographic proof" the way we did ... certainly mine won't as the kids of graphic designers. They've seen Tom "create" way too much reality on our computer.

What a marvelous bunch!

Keepers, all of them. Well done, O smockful one.

I can imagine you looking a lot like the third child from the left. Am I anywhere near right?

actually, they ALL look like their daddy! gracie (second from left) looks most like me at her age, while gabby (far left) is the one i get most credit for.

Gotta love Photoshop -- "posing your kids so they don't have to!" ;-)

Especially beautiful hair and eyes in your family.

Beautimous, beautimous chitlins!!

oooo I like. Great pic.

I love it Smock!
I don't think I have ever seen a picture of your children.
Such sweet gentle eyes.



I was going to have a guy photoshop a couple of different Christmas snaps into one good shot of all three of my kids, but it was too expensive. So I opted for "good" of Zooey, "cute" of Lola and "okay" of Edyn. Next year, I'll have to give Edyn first consideration. Siiiigh...

Where's momma?

ditto Mr. Luse!

momma's behind the photog saying "just one more smile and then we'll go to chuck e cheese!"



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