be disgusted. be very disgusted.

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take a look at how an "objective, fair and just" consumer reports advocates abortion.

two points of interest:

in the condoms story two prophylactics distributed by planned barrenhood, er parenthood, the top abortion provider in the nation, came in dead last in the condom competition. coinkydinky? i think not.

consumer reports goes so far as to intimate that birth itself is much more risky than the surgical removal of those pesky "uterine contents."

consumer reports, you suck.

(this story was shamelessly lifted from mr. newman.)


Yeah, I saw that. Stupid. Isn't it the case that abortion-related deaths can sometimes count again in the pregnancy-related ones? I saw that mentioned somewhere. And a lot of abortion-related ones aren't counted very well--where did they get their statitics?


good question, amanda. pulled from their nether regions -- or the netherworld, take your pick.

I read, somewhere recently, that one of the guys on the Consumer's board of directors (or some important position) was previously a Big Guy at Planned Parenthood. Wish I could remember a bit more of the detail.

So much for Consumers' objectivity.




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