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Dr. Warren Hearn, director of the Boulder Abortion Clinic says:

"Anti-abortion zealots, Catholic or otherwise, have shown that they will stop at nothing to inflict guilt and to compound the grief, sadness and sense of loss that these women experience," Hern's statement said. "These fanatics simply cannot leave other people alone with their most intimate sorrow."

Hey, if abortion is NO BIG DEAL, and it's JUST TISSUE, then why would he assume that it's a time of "intimate sorrow"? If we're sorry because we're killing a BABY, then perhaps he should come out and actually SAY that. Let's see, something like this would be appropriate:

"We think it is terrible, just terrible, that the Church has the absolute gall to bury the cremated remains of the babies that it was absolutely necessary for us to kill. Those ashes should have been thrown directly into the trash and taken to the public landfill."

And big surprise here:

Hern, who declined an interview request, is the author of a seminal abortion textbook and has worked behind bulletproof glass since someone shot into his office in 1988.

His clinic specializes in "late abortion for fetal disorders," its website says.

Here's a MamaT question though. If this is so painful for the mothers undergoing the process--and the abortions are really being done with grossly handicapped babies--why is there any "tissue" to dispose of. If this is late term, then wouldn't the parents want to DO something with the remains themselves? Something doesn't wash in the story. To then be all concerned that the burial of the ashes THAT THE MOTHER DIDN"T WANT ANYWAY would cause her irreperable harm and tons more grief? They aren't taking ashes that anyone wanted to deal with themselves. These are truly the forgotten babies--the ones that everyone wants to pretend were never there in the first place.

It is to weep. Blessed Virgin, pray for us. We need it.


I was reading some appalling post today by a woman who had had a second trimester abortion due to a fetal "genetic disorder" and they seem to want it both ways. Apparently we're supposed to be sorry for them that they had to kill this "Wanted" baby while at the same time we're to be unconcerned that they did kill it since after it was discovered that it was handicapped, it was no longer "wanted."

They seem to think "wantedness" infers personhood, but only if the *mother* wants the child, and then she can still change her mind at any point. I don't think that they can handle the idea of burial for the killed child because they would have to give it personhood. A last name on the headstone, perhaps. And since it's not wanted, it's not really a person like it would be if they'd miscarried a "perfect" child. It's a cognitive dissonance, burial would equate to wantedness.

Although, you know, I gave my daughter's guinea pig a nice burial. Gave him a headstone, even. But he was a wanted guinea pig, with a name, so that's okay. I did dispose of an unwanted guinea pig corpse in the garbage once. Nasty little creature, not a wanted guinea pig at all. For these people, it's the same thing, fetuses and guinea pigs.

what's WRONG with these people? i tell you what, here's a modest proposal...let the mother kill herself. yes, the baby will die, but at least it'll go down with the ship.

While it is easy to be frustrated and suggest modest proposals for those with certain levels of thoughtlessness, it is hardly in line with our obilgation to pray for them. While the mother is still alive there is hope for conversion, repentance and reconciliation. Pray that they may be led to see past the snares of our culture of self-centeredness and the worship of "perfection".

How 'bout not. As long as people use their emotions as their moral barometer then abortion is okay. Right along with a miriad of other sins. Our disgust with women who abort . . . well, what do you do? I think very few of these women register their actions as cold blooded murder (which makes it all the more cold blooded in some instances). For most women this is somehow what they consider their only option to stay off welfare, to stay in school, to not have to change, to keep a lover, a home, a spouse, whatever. Maybe we need to change this crappy culture that makes desparate choices better than life.

Doctors in the UK no longer provide heart surgeries to Down's babies because they aren't going to have a normal lifespan anyway. Callousness got them there. Let not callousness pervert what our intentions are in the pro-life movement. Only the Lord can stop this horror, we truly need to pray both for the women who have done this whatever the reason, the unborn victims and children, and anyone contemplating abortion as a solution.

"Anti-abortion zealots, Catholic or otherwise, have shown that they will stop at nothing to inflict guilt..."

Sorry, but those who compassed the abortion inflicted the guilt on themselves, even though they may not feel it. Feeling guilty is appropriate if we have done something wrong. The feeling is there to lead us to repentance. Someone who is guilty but feels nothing is even more to be pitied than one who is guilty and feels bad about it, just someone who puts his hand in a fire but cannot feel it is in greater danger than one who feels the pain.



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