First I'd like to say:

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I will not buy any viagra, phentermine, or magic weight loss pills from you--EVEN IF I WANTED TO, WHICH I DON'T--because you keep putting stupid comments in our comment boxes.



What about lawyers, accountants, and mortgage brokers?!? Those are the ones that get me. Why would I ever trust someone who spams comboxes, especially when they do it deceptively (you know the ones, they have vague sort of comments that make it seem like someone is actually commenting, at least it might seem like it if you are a chimp, because they are usually pretty obvious)?

Greetings and Felicitous from Reupblic Dubai!

I am Bamamma Obakeh Tuber, and am recently looking for a reputable firm to handle transfer of moneys on deposit with the National Bank . . ..

Very good reading. Peace until next time.



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