Second, I'd like to know:

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....the answer to the question my mother just asked me on the phone. "Why are you always washing clothes? How can three people wear enough clothes that you are washing every time I call?"

Well, anyone have an answer to that one?

Off to change the laundry AGAIN.

(P.S. On the new HGTV Dream Home show the other night, they showed a spectacular house built about 120 miles from here--out at Lake Tyler. It was beautiful, but you know what impressed me MOST???? Two, count 'em two, washers and dryers. Now THAT'S genius!)


i want the new dryer that dries your clothes within the same time frame that your washer washes 'em. nah, i just want a live-in maid.

Some obscure part on our dryer died on New Year's Eve; they came today and said they'd have to order it. It will come on Thursday. So, we'll be dryer-less for about a week. I'm off to the laundromat tonight, with a roll of quarters and a book, and about 6 loads of laundry! I have always said if I build a dream home, I'll have two dryers for every washer!

TiaKay, you're right. Who needs 2 washers? It's the drying that takes so long. So, maybe I'll have the Smockhub's guys come and put in another dryer outlet and get me another dryer. I bet a used one wouldn't be too expensive!

I am going to install light bulbs in all the hampers so the laundry can't breed in the dark any more.

I'll let you know if it helps.

Loooove the dream home! I noticed the two washers and dryers, too, and perked right up! I'm constantly dumbfounded by how much laundry can be generated by four people, two of them very small and not very messy, etiher. Really.

ooo, jamie, great idea!

laundry for six people is truly purgatorial. and, this abode has six people with eight wardrobes because two are in uniforms eight hours a day, then come home to put on "real" clothes to play in...the so-and-sos who try to sell you on the idea of the ease and convenience of school uniforms fail to mention that small and very annoying detail. harumph.

Now that's my idea of a dream home!

The ONLY good thing about using a laundromat was the ability to do multiple loads AT THE SAME TIME.

Two dryers would be heavenly. Or at least one that works properly would be nice.

really not trying to brag here, but, when we bought the house we're in now, it was previously owned by a little old man who died in a nursing home. no family. so we bought the contents of the house too. soooooo,now i have two washers and dryers. i tell everyone, forget the maytag neptune, get two inexpensive large capacity w&d's and for the same amount as the overpriced "large cap." neptune you can do twice the amount. i've told everyone i know with large families and they just give me this blank look. why?

sounds like great advice, carmella, IF you have the space. i'd be one of those people giving you a blank look disguising my frustration at having a cracker-jack box for a laundry room.

yeah, the only downside is they are in a gloomy basement, that's the only reason i have room. other wise my house is a crackerbox too, although i prefer to call it a cottage, it just feels better to say it that way.

oh, is it cracker-jack box or crackerbox? crackerbox sounds like we're a bunch of crackers and that can't be cause i'm from mississippi not georgia.

I believe it is cracker-jack box, because that is even smaller than a box of crackers.



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