OK, I know I'm supposed to be watching less TV

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....but I am SO ADDICTED to this show! Zteen and I watch it (or tape it) every Tuesday night, and spend an hour watching and yelling at the television. That is how sick we are.

Look, I've never watched any other reality show more than one time. But this one is different.

And, if you're another TAR6 fan, then I just must say this: I hate Johnathon with the hatiest hate it is possible to feel for someone you don't even really know.

There, I feel better.

It's kind of like a twelve step program: My name is MamaT, and I'm an Amazing Race Junkie.

Zteen and I even have fantasies of entering the race together. Hey, there's been a father/daughter team....why not a mother/son team?


Join the crowd. If only we weren't such good Catholics everyone in our household would pay for a hit on Jonathan. Victoria must really love abuse is all I can say!

Which one of you would eat the soup?

My husband said to me last night,
"You would have to eat all the food."

I would probably have tried to eat the soup....trying to save Zteen from it. If I did it with PapaC I would definitely HAVE to eat the soup, or he would be the first TAR participant to die from acid reflux! :-)

What amazes me is just when you think Jonathan can't do anything worse, he manages to! I can't figure out how the guy actually functions in society . . .

Yes, my name is Jay and I'm an Amazing Race Junkie.

God bless,

must. resist. reality. television!


So my husband, only marginally watching the show, says, "I don't like the guy, but he's a competitor and she's whiney." Okay, to say the least he got a 20 minute dissertation on how this guy is not merely an unlikable guy, but an unrepentant abusive creep, who has kept this woman beat down beyond the beyond and she having endured this now for however long has become (may have always been) a snivelling, crying, pleading mess. I can only hope her mother is taping all of this to show her how this really looks so that she will leave this guy and maybe run him over with the car before she goes.

Ok, I feel better too.

Sigh. I missed it!!! What was up with the soup???

The soup was 24 ounces of very hot spicy soup and told to eat it all with the spoon. The spoon was little. Some of the racers were puking...some just snarfed it up.
The model guy puked a little in his bowl and went on the finish the whole thing.
How gross is that?

How about the part where Victoria is crying and puking and Jonathon-the-helpful is sitting there saying "Drama Queen . . . Drama Queen" . . . I wanted to hit the tv.

Nope, I was screaming at the TV when he said, "Well, I knew you had to do it because I know how much you like food." Talk about a veiled insult. Creep.

Well, or when he said (at the very beginning)"You're just dumb. That's why women don't rule the world." Double creep.

But my very favorite part of the whole episode was when they were all eating and puking, and the awful musicians have stopped playing for a minute and you can hear someone just retching. One of the contestants pipes up: "Well, I think we need a little more music now!" Hee!

Thank you, I feel much, much better about missing it now. I can stomach a lot, but puking is not my thing!

what's with all the puking? is this fear factor or what?



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