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"Bret ___ has been diagnosed with carcinoma, which is a cancer involving his organs and has spread to his lymph nodes. His type of cancer is so rare that it has been sent off to Milan, Italy for pathology readings to determine which organs are involved and what stage it is in. According to his body scan, it is widespread and this is such a shock because he is such a fit and healthy person and went to the doctor because of bronchitis and a swollen lymph node on his neck. He is such a wonderful guy and even after they partially took one of the tumors out of his neck for pathology, he told everyone in recovery that God will be glorified no matter what the outcome. We are all in agreement that nothing is too big for God and that he can be healed. His onocologist is holding off chemo and radiation until they get the results back from Milan so they will know where to focus. [His wife] is also looking into another treatment that a doctor does overseas. Please pray for Bret and [his wife], their four daughters, and all of the doctors involved in his care. Please pass this on to your prayer circles. Bret said that the most comforting thing to him right now is knowing that people all over are praying for him."


Will do. What a wonderful testimony of faith ...



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