This is geeky cool:

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You can hear what pi might sound like here.

You assign notes to integers, and then it cycles through pi and plays the notes you've assigned. Too neat.

Stole it from Don at Mixolydian Mode.


at the same site i recommend you enjoy "round" which is absolutely beautiful. the "genesis 1:1 project" and "gould" are wonderful as well. ah heck, they're all worth a gander.

this site is maintained by the young "felix" who is so colorful and talented, i was inspired to write about the plug mamaT gave him here. he responded thusly:

Hello Smockmomma,

What a wonderful email to receive! And you're right - it's totally better than msnbc. Here's why:

1) I only got one line from them. I got an email, with 3-4 lines from you.
2) msnbc didn't call me "the bomb."
3) msnbc = some dude | summa mamas = 3 ladies

Thanks tons for the very kind words. And for taking the time to write. But most of all, thanks for referring to me as "the bomb." I'm going to be bragging about that one all day. :)




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