So sweet!

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McKid has listened to me say goodbye to PapaC and Zteen when they leave for the last 2 1/2 years. Now she wants to say it too. So now when they leave, a little sweet voice pipes up:

"Bye bye! Be careful! Don't fall down!"

I guess when you're 2, falling down is about the worst thing that can happen. But both of my guys leave the house with a smile.......


That is precious! I needed that smile this morning. Hey, I've been reading for a few weeks now - just love y'all! Take care (don't fall down). :)

Awww. Edyn does something similar. Now that she can open the door all by herself, after Daddy has left, she opens it and hangs her head out the door bellowing, "Wear your seeeeeeeeeeat-belllllll!"

Dh -- who grew up with farm folk who have little use for seat belts for short in-town trips -- hates it. But at least he's been wearing his seat belt a lot more in town than he used to. He's always worn it on highways or Interstates, thankfully.

the indoctrination of our children has been most successful...
2 yo Gabby has been saying "seatbett on!" as a command for about a year now and our older children, Glynni and Duncan in particular, will stop anyone about to put a can in the garbage with a hearty "recycling bin!"

Funny, I always thought falling down wasn't so scary for children since they have such a short way down!



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