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according to the Medieval Personality quiz:

You are a Sanguine, with an abundance of blood. Sanguines are characterized by the element of Air, the season of Spring, childhood, the color sunny yellow, and the characteristics of "Hot" and "Moist."

If you were living in the Age of Faith, perfect career choices for you would be artisan, shopkeeper, innkeep, craftsman, seamstress, tailor, brewer, baker, stone mason, weaver, potter, farmer, housewife with a very happy family.

ahhh, i like that "He is very pleasant and willing to oblige. He dispenses his acts of kindness not so coldly as a choleric, not so warmly and touchingly as the melancholic, but at least in such a jovial and pleasant way that they are graciously received. . .He is compassionate whenever a mishap befalls his neighbor and is always ready to cheer him by a friendly remark."

aha! "The virtue of obedience, which is generally considered as difficult, is easy for him." for thought this lenten season: "A bad woman with a sanguine temperament yields herself to sin without restraint and stifles the voice of conscience easily."


I am:

You are a "bilious" Choleric, with an abundance of yellow bile (believed to have originated in the kidneys). Cholerics are characterized by the element of Fire, the season of Summer, early adulthood, the color fiery red, and the characteristics of "Hot" and "Dry." Famous Cholerics include St. John the Baptist, St. Paul, and St. Ignatius of Loyola.

If you were living in the Age of Faith, perfect career choices for you would be Crusader (leader of the Crusades, of course), the knighthood, King, mayor, head of a guild, founder of a new religious order, or housewife or father with a well-organized, well-behaved brood, each of whom you expect to excel.

My favorite sentence in my profile? "Cholerics were born to rule."


I'm right there with you MamaT. The part that got me was being a housewife with a "well-behaved brood"--uh-huh, sure, lol...



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