"this city is wretched and disgusting ... and they just keep breeding and breeding"

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~kendra of "freddy and kendra"

i wasn't even addicted to this show, but i watched the last several episodes just to make sure that divine justice would prevail. sadly, it didn't. i don't know about you but it makes me wanna puke that this woman -- and i use the term loosely -- won the amazing race.


Yep. I totally agree. As bad as she was, I was pretty happy that Rebecca and Adam didn't win though. Frankly, I was stunned that they slipped into the final three couples.

I was going absolutely nuts watching the end. I watched Freddy and Kendra run in, and was willing Phil to tell them they were second. No such luck. Kris and Jon were so deserving...and unlike Julie D., I think I would have been happier if irritating Adam and Rebecca won. Anyone but that vile woman.

And I want to know, What is with all the relationship questions at the end? This was a race around the world, think of all they saw. all they experienced. But Phil seems to want to make this the Bachelor and Bachelorette go around the World.

Exciting it was!!!
Disappointing that mushy, stoopid Kendra won...yes!

Good television!

Oh and by the way...they ended up in my old stomping grounds!
Ginos Pizza is wonderful.

Rebecca can EAT can't she ?

You know all that money is it's own reward, spiritually speaking. Remember that Christ did say it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Disappointed. Majorly disappointed.

"He's worthy to have my children."

Oh, please.

That comment was gaguous.

I was so disappointed when kris and jon didn't win. Curse the train! And the taxis! My husband was laughing at me because he said I was more upset than they were.



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