did i really just say that?

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i have some webwork that i absolutely have to get done this morning, so i turned on the boob tube hoping it would babysit the girls for about half an hour. no such luck. they opted to dance around the house in parade fashion.
becoming flustered i groaned, "can't you just calm down and watch TV?"


This made me smile...I have so been there.

Ohhhh and its especially funny/ironic because typically parents want their children to watch LESS television ;)

I've said that too.
So here's your sick and stupid quote of the day:

"Hunter loved Anita so much. They were a shining example of two people who couldn't keep their hands off of each other," said family friend Tim Mooney, a former manager for musician Jimmy Buffett who first met Hunter Thompson while working behind the bar at the Hotel Jerome in the 1970s.

Mr. Mooney was speaking of the late Hunter S. Thompson who shot himself in his kitchen in Colorado.

I thought this was definitely in the running:
"At first I was very angry; he was my best friend, my lover, my partner and my teacher," Anita Thompson said. "But I know he is much more powerful and alive now than ever before. He is in all of our hearts. His death was a triumph of his own human spirit because this is what he wanted. He lived and died like a champion."

or how about . . . why don't you read the article and we'll all have a big scoff-fest at their expense.

I have heard myself shouting "I'v had it! I need some peace! Go to the basement and play videogames!" when things get out of hand upstairs.

Oh, how many times I have used those words as well. Sometimes I wonder how women before television did it. Did they ever say, "Can't you just sit down and watch....the fire buring? Who knows, but televisions were God's answers to mothers who need showers, laundry that needs to be put away, and husbands who want some "alone time" with their wives in the middle of the day ;) .

I would like to minimize TV usage but I also try to use my realistic allowance "judiciously" -- meaning save it for when I'm starting to lose my patience with the day, or really need to get something done without almost-3-year-old interference. (I do avoid using it when I'm losing patience with his behavior, though, lest it become a reward for such behavior!) I have to admit to liking Mr. Rogers so much that he's on by choice nearly every day. I start getting disgusted with myself if I exceed about 1.5 to 2 hours total -- worse if they're in a row.

Oh and last night there was the unusual allowance of a post-dinner video so my husband and I could have a conversation! However, the 6-month-old wanted to talk as well, so it wasn't ideal.



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