email judge greer on TERRI'S behalf

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via the American Family Association website.

a copy of the email i sent:

Dear Judge Greer,

Common decency dictates that Terri's mother and father should be allowed to take her home and care for her. Please don't sentence her to a slow, agonizing death by starvation. If the city pound were to announce tomorrow that they were going to "euthanize" all of their dogs by starvation, America would take notice! Why is it any less for a human being?



I like your email. Think I'll copy and paste it.

I have frequently wondered how this case keeps getting sent back a) to Judge Greer, b) how many elections has this guy won while this case was in his court, c) after eight years of battling this why anyone would want to live in Florida

I've also thought, wouldn't it be something if they were to get a helicopter, some doctors and a bunch of weapons and bust poor Terri out of Hospice.

Good one, Smockmomma!

I sent mine--a tad more strongly worded than yours, if you can believe it.

Good note Smock. Catch more flies with honey and your note wasn't inflammatory. I sent something similar.

I sent him an email also - it won't matter, the man is deaf and blind and more "brain dead" than Terri could ever be!

Dear Judge Greer,

The rulings I have seen you make in this case, the motions I have seen you deny defy all logic and reason. I have no idea what your motives are, but I don't know how you can sleep at night. In my opinion, you really must not believe in God to think that this won't be answered for. The woman's parents can't even give her a decent burial? She is not allowed to eat even if she can eat by mouth??????????? In my own opinion, the reson for these decisions needs to be further investigated, too many of your rulings and decisions defy all common logic. You, sir, should be ashamed of yourself. Sleep well and have a Happy Easter.

you are no better than the germans of the 1930's and i hope this case haunts you until you meet your own demise...if i treated my dogs in the fashion that you are treating terri schiavo i would be in jail. you don't deserve to be a judge over others and if i lived in your state i would do everything in my power to see you impeached.

joel slater
march 26, 2005
4:11 a.m. mtntime

you are the most inhumane person in this world and i hope you know that you will not be in office very much longer because you do not listen to the people.Do you have any children???How would you like someone kill you child by starvation whenever before you took the feeding tube out he/she was not dying, i don't think you would like it and you would probably be fighting for their life also. I hope you will listen to the people and put the feeding tube back in before it is to late.
Is Michael Schiavo paying you off, It appears that way? it is obvious that he is hiding something.

Even Jesus was allowed hydration on the cross. He was given a sponge soaked in water in his final hours!! Its a real blow to the american public to think that a judge would opt for a human to die such an awful death. I bet you wouldnt let your pet die of starvation or dehydration would you??? No because judges can put people in jail for that very thing so how is it that you are allowing a man to do it to another human being???? thats all i want to know!!!!!!



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