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My girfriend has this book and has jumped in with both feet. This has been a health issue and not really for weight loss.

She feels good to feed her family all the healthy foods.
Especially all of the freshly milled breads and pancakes and the coconut oil.


By the way, I read 1/2 of the book and was overwhelmed by so many changes.
It is a great story of recovered health, tho.

The eating dirt part was strange.

yes. the reason i posted as a query rather than as my initial reaction to the book -- which a well-intentioned buddy gave to me -- is because i think the author is pretty freaky.

don't shower; don't brush your teeth with flouride; don't use anti-perspirant; eat dirt. . .hmmm, sounds pretty FREAKY to me.

there has to be a reason this man wasn't labeled a snakeoil salesman from the get-go, so it's difficult to so easily dismiss. hence my request for more feedback.

thanks, miz b.



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