Love it, love it, love it.....

| | Comments (3) of the very best parts of keeping McKid and having a 7 year old niece is that I get to buy all the girl clothes that I want! And they are not to the point yet that I have to really argue with them about the appropriateness of what they want. McKid wears whatever you put on her. Zgirl still likes all the "Hawaiian colored" things--bright capri pants and flowery shirts.

I got to take Zgirl shopping for her birthday today. I know years will come when I will be sitting in some teen-girl store, trying to get her to buy something that covers her belly-button or isn't black, probably. But it was so FUN to go buy blue sandals with white flowers on the toe to go with wildly colored capris and t's. I'm living it up now, and practicing my "Well, that is certainly INTERESTING" look for later.


you obviously haven't tried to share at whores R us ... er, i mean babyGAP.

And just so ya know--dearest Aunt T....Z went off to school today in 38 degree weather with Hawaiian capris and blue flowery sandals..LOVIN' EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!! So she comes home with blue sandals and TOES--who cares...she spent the "best day of my whole life" yesterday with the coolest aunt (and best friend) in the whole world. And she doesn't look like a ho...she's adorable and very little girlie...She wuvs you....and I do too.

And for the record, J's backpack was loaded with books to show off...any reason to bring up the fact that he spent the afternoon with the Zteen at the bookstore!

Whoa! Have a bowl of warm water ready to dunk those cold tootsies in when she gets home from school!!!!! BRRRRRRR!!!!!

(But it was a GREAT DAY for me, too!)



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