Today's great hymn:

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The glory of these forty days
We celebrate with songs of praise;
For Christ, by Whom all things were made,
Himself has fasted and has prayed.

Alone and fasting Moses saw
The loving God Who gave the law;
And to Elijah, fasting, came
The steeds and chariots of flame.

So Daniel trained his mystic sight,
Delivered from the lions’ might;
And John, the Bridegroom’s friend, became
The herald of Messiah’s Name.

Then grant us, Lord, like them to be
Full oft in fast and prayer with Thee;
Our spirits strengthen with Thy grace,
And give us joy to see Thy face.

O Father, Son, and Spirit blest,
To thee be every prayer addressed,
Who art in threefold Name adored,
From age to age, the only Lord.

Sung at SMV to the tune "Spires." You can hear it over a, if you can't remember it.


MammaT, I think you were reading my mind as I was sitting at Mass this morning. I wasn't thinking about this song, because we didn't sing it, but I had every intention of posting lyrics from Mass. I was thrilled to see your link to cyberhymnal, but alas they don't have my song... so I'm off on a quest, but I'm adding the hymnal to my bookmarks. Thank you thank you thank you for posting it :o)



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