Why is it....

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....that I am CONVINCED that if I just had the right knife I could cook like the people on the Food Network?

Delusional, I tell you. I'm delusional.



buy yourself a Santoku and you'll never look back. I use mine for almost everything -- the other night I not only chopped the garlic with it, but sliced the bread for the garlic toast. Mine has little scallops on the sides to keep stuff from sticking.

It has something to do with the shape of the blade, or the angle of blade to handle, or something. But i find it's just incredibly comfortable in the hand and easy to use on veggies and anything else.

That's the one I want!!! And I think I'm getting it for my birthday later this month.

Yayyy! You'll love it!

Just make sure you have a good sharpener. A dull knife is a dangerous tool . . .

A good knife is essential, and it must be well-maintained. I have a good santoku and love it, but my workhorse is a classic 10" chefs knife. Also extremely useful are a good paring knife, a good cleaver (especially if you are given to butchery or have to face 20 chickens in one evening), a boning knife (I have a cruddy home model and a good professional butcher's boning knife), and a case to carry them in safely (to you and the precious edges).

Once you have a good knife, spend some time using it properly. Carve up rutabagas or potatoes, then practice cutting paper thin slices of cucumber. Be sure to hold the knife properly (there is a section on this in Mastering the Art of French Cooking by you-know-who.



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