a sign 'o our stinkin' times

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a new survey shows 48 percent of all couples have two or more checking accounts, up from 39 percent in 2001. a growing distrust between men & women on money matters is a big reason why. in other words:

For Richer or for Poorer, but Only If We Have Separate Checking Accounts

why would you marry someone you don't trust with money?


Why would I trust a woman with my money?

Oh AMEN. Every time I hear Dr. Phil tout separate checking accounts as the way to go for married couples, I absolutely cringe. I'm all for a little no-accountability spending, but bottom line, what's ours is ours.

warning -- bad typing due to nak.

my dh and I have separate accounts, but have shared our account numbers and passwords for internet banking. That way we can check balances, transfer money, etc.

The only reason we have this system is that I'm terrible at keeping track of cash and spending, and my account is where I put grocery and play money. This way, I can't nickle and dime my way into the mortgage accidentally, because that cash isn't in my account.

But I agree -- our money is our money, and Clayton feels free to dip into my account via internet banking whenever he needs to.

mr. diaz, what can i say? 'tis true that in some cases women can be a mite liberal with their purses, but it isn't always the woman who dips where she shouldn't. case in point: marc is the compulsive shopper in this house, but i still let him carry a checkcard. of course, it's only cuz he's the breadwinner that he gets to eat any of the bread.

Well, we have a couple checking accounts, but only because we never manage to close out accounts fully when we stop using them . . . still have about fifteen bucks in our Colorado bank that I need to withdraw someday . . . .

When I am gainfully employed, I intend to open a separate checking account, just for paying for my hobby-related expenses. The Bookman doesn't get any pleasure out of my hobbies (ie: the zoo of animals around here) so he shouldn't have to bankroll them forever. I figure I'll make a little tithe to my own checking account to pay for vet bills, animal food, and the other incidentals. The rest of the cash will go straight into the joint checking account. Where we blow it jointly, of course . . . .



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