I have a problem....

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......with dated meditation books, like my Conversation With God book that I am reading through Lent. You see, it has such a nice, organized format--4 or 5 short pages of reading for each day. Trouble is, I can't seem to stay on program. Either I miss a day, and rather than skip the words of wisdom I read too much at a time. Or I get stuck on a certain meditation and days pass while I am reading and rereading a certain passage. Then I look up and am 5 days behind--and trying to "catch up."

Now a sensible person would just skip those days that she was behind, wouldn't she? I mean a sensible person would just think: "Undiscovered riches for the next time through the book" and without a shred of guilt turn to the correct page and begin reading the daily meditation.

I'm having a hard time being sensible.

That's why I like undated books better. Then my hard-headedness doesn't stare me in the face every day.


The datedness notwithstanding, In Converstation with God is one incredible meditation series. Spendy, but good. The meditations hold my interest.



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