five for smock: an interview by TSO

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1) Do you have a favorite bible verse that isn't instantly familiar (like John 3:16)? yessir. john 11:35: "Jesus wept."

2) What would you like your tombstone to say, and will it be all lowercase *grin*?

here lie the ashes of the smockmomma
beloved wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother
her last words were, “hey y’all, watch this!”

3) Why "smock" mama? a smock momma, in the world according to me, is the epitome of the perfect mom. you know the sort – home schooling, daily mass-going, artsy craftsy, slightly crunchy moms who don smock dresses with short sleeves in summer and turtlenecks in winter. the difference twixt ‘em is the hair or the shoes. the bigger the hair, the more likely to home school; the more discalced the shoes, the crunchier the diet. and, seein’ as how it’ll be a snowy day in hell before i ever muster up the perfection required, i’m hopin’ that hidin’ behind the moniker’ll do.

4) As a fellow Florence King fan, you appreciate her humorous view of Southern womanhood. Is Southern culture now defunct due to urbanization, migration & cable TV? bite your tongue, sir; just the thought gives me the bends.

5) How did you meet your hubby? we met in january of ’90 in a class entitled “ethics and moral issues” at Texas Tech. i thought he was the spawn of jimmy swaggart because he quoted lots and lots of scripture, and right from the hip, too. he thought i was a wiccan hippy – but aside from my habit of wearing lots of black and espousing very militant pro-choice, pro-gay/lesbian/transgender, rabid feminist, anti-established religion views, i can’t imagine why he thought that. i mean, he was the dingleberry who voted for a democrat, not me. he thought all i needed was a little salvation and i thought he prolly just needed to get a little. there must be something to that “opposites attract” theory cuz fifteen years later here we are, albeit a tad more complacent 'n civilized.


My favorite tombstone on a grave of a British comedian is "I told you I was sick"

Great answers smocko'. I had no idea you were pro-choice/pro-GLT & anti-established religion at one time. Conversions are always inspiring.

Wow, I never noticed you blogged in all lowercase. I write most of my e-mail that way. It is an entrenched habit.

Wow, Smock, I would LOVE to hear your conversion story. Is it somewhere in the archives???

no'm. not yet.



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