Our hearts are all aflutter!!!!

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Oh my, oh my, oh my! We are so excited! We get to meet the ever so smart Steven Riddle of Flos Carmeli, and the wonderful, HAPPY and smart Julie of Happy Catholic THIS SATURDAY!!!!!

Can you believe it? We're already worried that we will disappoint them in real life, but WHAT A CHANCE!

Aren't you jealous?

Woo hoo! Now it's off to obsess about what to wear to make the best "first" impression.........


Cool. How'd y'all put that together?

Enjoy yourselves. And you'll have to tell us about it on Sunday.

Lucky duck! What's the occasion?

Hey, that's what I was worrying about ... what to wear. But I don't have enough choices to matter so whatcha see is whatcha get! And I will certainly buy y'all extra iced tea after all those sweet remarks. :-)

yes, well preggo here has even FEWER vesture choices so y'all will have to just be grateful that i promise not to show up nekkid.



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