A reminder for all you Amazing Race Fans:

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Just in case you're having to tape tonight's episode, remember that it is a two-hour edition! Elimination in the middle or one uber-leg? We'll have to see. One thing we know from the previews: there will be blood spilled tonight! YIKES!


dagnabbit! marc insisted we tivo the biography of the earps! you'll have to fill me in.

Ooooh, y'all, it was a good episode! Drama! Suspense! Foot races! I can't say any more...

Oh my gosh, I had to run to the fabric store and realized the race was on while I was gone. When I got home we watched the second half. WHat happened to Gretchen and Meredith? She looked beat up.

Ok, Summas are we not supposed to talk about it because y'all haven't seen it yet? I will say that I like the brothers a lot more after last nights episode. Also I still love Rob and Amber even though their character is a bit tarnished after their lack of compassion/concern for their fellow players.

Thanks for the heads up...unfortunately my ti-faux misled me! I thought it was going to record the whole thing, but it did not. :( I started to rant, then stopped myself because little eyes were watching me. ;)



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