Please, please, please

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Go to Blogs for Terri and read their action item. Basically it is a call to keep up pressure on our congress to do the right thing in the Terri Schiavo case.

Please take the time to email your senators. Call if you can. Don't let them have an excuse to walk away from the situation.

I've done it. You go do it too. And do it again tonight and again tomorrow.

And pray, pray, pray.


Done yesterday. One Rep, two Senators (one probably a hopeless case). However, he is not quite to the point of Barbara (the B) Boxer.

Thanks for the reminder to get off of my backside.

You got it. I'll be sending a message to each and every one of my representatives asking them to let the woman refuse medical treatment that she doesn't want. Thanks for the reminder.

Knock yourself out, Mr. Feldstein.



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