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1. for lent, give up or take on?
2. shorts weather or sweater weather?
3. take-out or delivery?
4. electric toothbrush or manual?
5. father knows best or leave it to beaver?


1. take on
2. sweater weather
3. delivery
4. manual
5. leave it to beaver

1 - both
2 - sweaters
3 - delivery if possible
4 - manual
5 - Beaver :)

1. neither...sorry :o(
2. shorts
3. delivery
4. manual
5. beave

1. both
2. shorts
3. take-out
4. manual...tried one of those electric ones and it freaked me out!
5. father knows best

1. Both, neither very successfully
2. Both, shorts until it gets over 100 degrees, sweaters until it gets under 40 degrees.
3. Take-out. Delivery always comes cold to us for some reason.
4. Electric--I love my sonicare, after I got used to it!
5. Father Knows Best by a huge amount.

1. Both, neither terribly successful this year.
2. Today, back to sweater weather. The rest of the week was shorts weather, not that I'd be caught dead in shorts!
3. Delivery
4. Manual
5. Take it to the Otters (what my daughter calls Leave it to Beaver!)

1. Both, usually pretty well but less successfully this year.
2. Sweater weather
3. Take out
4. Manual
5 Leave it to Beaver ... never saw the other...

1. Both, this year did well for the first time because I set realistic goals. Usually I don't and fail, and feel rotten.
2. Sweater weather
3. Take out
4. Manual, but want an electric "someday"
5. The Beav

1. Take on and offer up
2. Shorts weather, but no one deserves the sight of me in shorts
3. Take out; middle eastern food doesn't deliver
4. Manual toothbrush. Electricity and water don't mix.
5. Father knows best. Beaver always annoyed me.

1) give up
2) sweater weather
3) take out
4) electric
5) neither... I *heart* the Donna Reid Show, though.



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