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While waiting to see what the latest news from Florida means, let's talk about The Amazing Race last night:

Woooo! What an episode! And what a penalty for coming in last in a non-elimination leg! Not only to lose your money, but to lose all your STUFF as well. We've long thought the the loss of money was not enough of a penalty, but we never thought about losing all your stuff except for your passports. Eeeeeuuuuwww! What about toothbrushes?

Anyway, good for Uchenna and Joyce for bringing them some clothes. And boo to the teams who didn't fork over the $$$$$ to help--I mean, come on, I don't think anyone thinks that Meredith and Gretchen are going to actually WIN the thing. Although they manage to keep holding on.

And the second episode? Good one! Poor brothers--they are one of my favorite teams. Good for Lynn and Alex for stopping without question when they saw the accident. They didn't even hesitate. Good for the brothers for telling them to go on "We don't want you to lose the race because of us." And praying in the new car for the cameraman. Good.

I was really liking Rob and Amber until this episode. I thought it was hysterical when they stopped and got directions and the lady and the clinic said, "Oh Ambah! I am SUCH a fan!" It showed that while their celebrity has helped some (and they've used it well), it also slows them down some.

But not even slowing down at the turned over car? Classless. I thought even the handsome Phil thought so at the pit stop. They seemed embarrassed by it--I hope they remain that way.

Sleeping in the middle of the desert? Priceless!

But the best part of the whole episode? Ray and Deana! GONE!!!!! Before the "oldsters" they had so little respect for. Yee Haw!

And the foot race to the mat? Great television. Zteen and I were shouting "Run, brothers, RUN!!!!!!" and jumping up and down. PapaC, who is not nearly the AR junky that we are, was laughing at us, BIG TIME.

And one more thing That Gretchen is one tough broad. And I mean that as a compliment. Conking her head like that, and she told hubby, "Go get that clue. I didn't come back down here for nothing." And racing on with her head in a bandage (and a massive headache, no doubt). Finishing the leg, even though they came in last on it, was a major achievement. Good for them.


You said it! Joseph and I were both cheering for the brothers. But I have to say that I was proud of Meredith for doing the spear road block even when he said he didn't have the energy.

When Ray was giving his monologue on why he couldn't stay with Deena and he couldn't leave her, but he hated her lack of competiveness, well, all I could think is, "what a dog!"

YES! Luke was just about to cry when he thought the brothers would be eliminated. We're so happy they are still in! The right people were eliminated, definitely.

Loving: Brian & Greg, Uchenna & Joyce, Meredith & Gretchen

On my bad side: Rob & Amber (although I still like them quite a bit, let's hope they redeem themselves)

Who cares: Alex & Lynn, although it is fun to watch the rivalry with Rob and Amber, and Ron & Kelly (NO pizzazz!)

Amen to the whole thing. I guess too many teams were able to beg money in the non-elimination rounds so they decided to make it tougher ... ouch! Also, I just kept looking over the brothers' shoulders at whoever was set up on the beds behind them, thinking, "All that sun and no shade in side." Yuck!

Mama T great fans act alike. I was doing the exact same thing "run brothers, RUN!". Ray was intolerable and Deana was such a whiner, so happy they're gone.



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