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.....the latest auction of a concentrated host on Ebay has been removed, but NOT because it is offensive, only because they could not verify the outlandish bids that were being made on it. Read Philothea Rose's post on this HERE.

This is disgusting. I wrote an email protesting the first sale, and got back a letter saying, basically, "Too bad for you. If you don't like it, don't buy it." They have turned the body and blood of Christ into a religious "collectible." It is shameful.

I agree with Philothea on this one. I am not just "not shopping there" anymore. I am off to close my account. And my Paypal account as well.

UPDATE: Here's my note to Ebay, closing my account:

Given your recent decision not to ban the selling of consecrated hosts on your service, I feel that I have no option other than closing my account on Ebay. I will also be closing my account on Paypal.

This is a sad day for me. I have enjoyed shopping Ebay in the past, and have, in fact, bought lovely church vestments for good prices through your service.

But I cannot countenance the use of a service that allows the sale of the most precious and holy part of my religion with a callous "Well, if you don't like it you don't have to buy it attitude."

That is certainly correct. But I must do more than simply not shop you. I want nothing, NOTHING to do with you or your service again, unless and until you come to your senses and see that consecrated hosts should be among your list of banned items. When that day comes, I will happily reopen my Ebay and Paypal accounts. Until then, forget it.



Hmm... this seems like the kind of thing that people can feel like they are doing good by avoiding ebay when really, it's not that big of a sacrifice to them. It would be like me boycotting GameStop for something they did. I could feel like I was doing a good thing but really it was no skin off my nose because I never shopped there anyway. My husband on the other hand would mourn for days if he thought he needed to boycott GameStop and it would be a much harder decision.

Ebay does not see it the same way as we do obviously. They see it as the auction of any type of souvenir. Yes they are wrong but they aren't going to change the way they view it.

It seems a bit like wanting to sue the gun manufacturers for people being killed.People with evil intent were around before ebay and will be around after ebay. I don't see why some random Satanist would pay big bucks for a consecrated host when he could go into any Catholic church and pocket it himself.

I don't know, I guess I just feel like boycotting never works and only serves the purpose of making people feel like they've done a good thing when really they don't have any control over the situation.

I guess I should mention that along with the boycott ebay emails I've gotten followed the other emails suggesting we actively campaign against people receiving in the hand to prevent this sort of thing. Umm... I don't think that's the way to go.

On the other hand, no one has mentioned that ebay USERS engage in simony. The sale of first class relics is alive and well.

If you no longer have an account there how will you be able to protest the sale of human blood and bones? Or the Pope Tart for instance?

Participation in a community gives you a say. Choosing to leave only means they no longer have to answer your emails.

Ebay urges end of Host sales
from the Washington Times



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