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Apparently our dearest Mr. Luse (over at Apologia, link to the right) has gone around the bend. In response to the absolutely stupid mouse poem that the weirdo publication America gave their $1,000 annual poetry prize to, he has decided to hold his own "Mouse Poetry Contest."

Please visit his site for the particulars. And remember to EMAIL your contest entry.

If the winner gets a kiss from the esteemed Mr. Luse, the Mamas MIGHT be interested in entering. Though we must admit, we're a lot better at kissing than poetry!


Did you ever think that maybe he named his blog just so that he could always be at the top of your blog roll? ;)

I'll be the judge of which you're better at.

Amy: that would be possible if my blog hadn't preceded theirs. And if it hadn't, yeah, I'd name it AApologia if necessary.



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