habemus papam!

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and there is no recount!

praise be to God!

God bless Pope Benedict XVI

viva il papa ratzi!


Praise God indeed! I am so happy. I was crying in joy and clapping here in my living room. Praise God, Praise God!

And, as Son #4 points out, the cardinals were at that point in the deliberations still bound by the supermajority rule, that is, one candidate had to receive two-thirds of the votes in order to be conclusive. Two-thirds on the third ballot! Take THAT, hopeful "progressives"!

I am just so totally psyched!

Thanks be to God! Thanks be to God!

Zteen and I were jumping up and down in the living room, and I was, OF COURSE, crying like a fiend.

God is good!

I was in a co-worker's office watching a live feed on his laptop ... so you can imagine how loony I looked screaming, "RATZINGER! WOOHOO!!!!" with tears also streaming down my face ... (good thing that he works for me ... he's used to my Catholic looniness!).

I was so happy that I forgot to pray for him.

I was very happy and then I read the St. Malachy prophesies and Gloria Oliviae . . . and now I'm a little freaked out . . . anyone know much about these?

How does the Gloria Oliviae apply to (former) Cardinal Ratzinger?

the so-called st. malachy prophesies are most likely very elaborate forgeries. some even go so far as to accuse the Jesuits for the forgeries; go figure!

freak out not, hon, God is in control.

I never hear better sense from anyone than I do from you, Micki. God has always been in control, even when things were happening that we didn't like, and He's not less in command now.



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