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While I was eating breakfast this morning, I was reading Parade--it's a little magazine insert in the Sunday paper. In this issue, they had the winner of their fifth annual Parade Classroom Poetry Contest.

Oh, dear, I thought. Teen angst poetry. After the laughable winner of the America annual poetry contest (See Bill Luse's blog for info on that contest, and his response to it), I thought I would read more awful poetry.

But no! Much to my surprise, I was utterly charmed by the winning entry. I think the young poetess did a GREAT job. Her name is Jessica McKeon of Allegan, Michigan. And here's her entry:



Today he is Batman
His true identity concealed
via his jet-black cape still damp from
the dryer.

Today he duels evil
Racing against time
in his convertible top, two door plastic
Playschool car.

Today he breaks cryptic codes
Hacking into his Etch A Sketch and
disabling reactor buttons on his
mom's cell phone.

Today he saves Gotham City
One cruel-intentioned
peace-threatening plush toy at a time.

Tonight he departs to the Bat Cave
After a long day of portraying Batman
he closes his eyes and ponders what is
to come tomorrow

Tomorrow he is Captain Hook
and Barbie is walking the plank.



I say we take the $5,000 prize from the mouse poet and give it to her. This girl's got talent with a capital T.


Hey, a poem wins that can be understood! Excellent. :)



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