"there's no place like rome, there's no place like rome"

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forgive me, but i absolutely adore this picture of our sweet papa ratzi!
photo shamelessly lifted from cnytr.


Tee hee! I like his red shoes! And he has such great posture, too!

Well I for one hopes he doesn't click those shoes three times. I want him to stick around for a bit.

I'm guessing those are Gucci's :o)
I have a friend (cyber friend) with red patent leather Gucci's and they look just like those :o)

Hey, he wore the groovy red shoes at his installation Mass today! I saw the pictures on yahoo news!

Just one more reason to love him! Shoes!

The shoes are fabulous...
And they look comfortable, too!

I was going to ask about the color of his shoes. Red is the papal color of mourning...so I was wondering if his red shoes were a statement of the Papal kind or the German fashion kind or what?

I think those shoes r kinda girly!!lolz

how old are you rose?



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