The Amazing Race!

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Well, I will just say these few things:

1. I want to drive somewhere and see all those animals.
2. I do not want to milk a goat.
3. People need to learn how to READ THE CLUES!!!!!
4. Funniest line ever: "Big money. No Whammies. No Whammies."
5. The beauty queen needs to get a grip.
6. Funniest way to leave the show EVER!!!!!
7. Good for the old people. They don't race very well, but they are hanging in there! (Ha, ha! Take that you ageist Ray!)


I am so bummed I missed this sounds like the best ever!

The animals were AWE-some. Ron and Kelly just don't "click." It's such a forced relationship. Uncomfortable. I so wanted to like them, but can't. And, yeah, the old folks! Surprising!

I loved the 'no whammies' comment too :o)
And I loved the jump in the pool at the end.

i just wish the obnoxious people didn't always finish first in these things...i was FREAKED that two groups had to go BACK to complete their tasks. that's true edge of your seat entertainment.

however, i still maintain i don't "do" reality tv and that this is ALL mamaT's fault.

Heh, heh, heh.......

Knew I could suck you in.

This is the only reality TV I watch, though.

I'm with you on the beauty queen. I've been reading around and so many people don't like Ron! I mean, I probably say some unkind things if I had to put up with her! Now I don't know this woman IRL, but she was definitely NOT 1Cor 13 last night. And the "low-class redneck" comment?! - good grief.

I will miss the brothers. Their parents must be so proud of the way they behaved on this adventure.



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