too political or just too tacky?

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i was considering a new bumper sticker for the smocktank:



So, did you hear him when he was in town in January?!

I like it ;)

hahahahahahaha!!!! Love it!

Not to mention mystifying to about 3/4 of the population ... except at your church, right? No one I know would even understand it.

Hmm...that would require me to get buttons for Tettamanzi, Martino, or Bertone. I'm all for the Italian Faction, assuming I can't have a PanzerPope.

I'll second that!! We've been talking in our family about how great he would be to follow in JPII's footsteps.

Love it, want one! :)

I believe (but do not have time to check right now) that politicking for Pope is a mortal sin. Otherwise I would be pushing for the Archbishop of Milano.

Wow! That was Jesuitical!

And my husband thought I was the only woman in america to actually have an opinion on this!!!

Erik, I think it's only mortal sin for the papabili to campaign. And we're not campaigning, per se, as none of us have any impact on the outcome of the Conclave.

Ergo, we're fine, and speculation is a perfectly acceptable Roman tradition.

PanzerPopes or Italian Stallions in '05!

speculation is a perfectly acceptable Roman tradition.

Boy, isn't it ever. If there is a fly crawling accross a wall, the Irish might bet on it, but the Italians will wonder which side it is on, who put it up to it, whose enemy might be opposed to it, etc. etc. etc.

All right then: Go Italia! Go Italia! Go Italia!

One foreigner every 500 years is enough. Grazie!

Unless they could find a Hapsburg. Then I might have to rethink that.


So are we!! I've heard that it will probably be an Italian and that the College of Cardinals want to 'save' him for the Pope after that. But what does that mean and who knows if it is true? Certainly not I.

Arinze! Arinze! Arinze! Goooooo Africa!

I'm pretty sure that Cardinal Schonborn is related to the Hapsburgs! And not too distantly...a cousin or something.

I usually just mutter at the talking heads on cablenews. One of them drove me to shouting last night. It seems according to this Great Expert, that we can't have an African pope because the religious right of the western world are too insular, not to say bigotted, to accept an African or any 3d worlder.

Yeah. Right. And who was it who came unstuck when Cardinal Arinze explained basic morality to the unco guid at Georgetown a few months ago? Hint: It wasn't the religious right of the western world.

Cardinal Arinze will do quite nicely, actually.





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