The Amazing Race!

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Here's my take on tonight:

1. Joyce rocked. I would have let them shave my head, too, but I cried along with her when he started cutting. Dang! That's harsh. And then they didn't get a prize at the end?

2. Yay for the old people! But darn it, Gretchen, GET OUT OF THE ELEPHANT AND HELP PUSH!!!!!

3. Glad the gay guys didn't go for the lip lock. We were worried about that.

4. Rob and Amber, meh.

5. Did Kelly really say that in the preview for next week? Dumb, girlfriend, dumb.

6. Camel racing! Yay!


It's just like she was saying a few weeks ago:

Kelly is patient, Kelly is kind . . .she is not discourteous, she is not unkind . . .

Oh wait that would actually be GOD'S LOVE . . . no wonder that sounded so disengenous of her.

Note to self: never insult a man for being a freaking PRISONER OF WAR!
dumb, dumb, dumb

I thought that Gretchen was going to try to get down but couldn't without them stopping and helping ... she was kinda stuck up there...

Kelly's so strange ... one minute shouting to bystanders to help Meredith as they drive by ... then in that preview making that stupid POW comment. I've never liked her ... but Ron is great so I'm torn on the couple winning.

I couldn't believe Joyce -- I was so proud of her! My whole feeling changed when she did that, now I think I want *them* to win. (Even though Rob and Amber make the show worth watching, I think.) Am tired of Gretchen's whiney voice, but man, they are hanging in there! Pretty darn impressive.

Oh my you all saw what Kelly said.

Ron just sits there with a smirk on his face...
He needs to dump her like a bad habit!

I could not stand whinning Meredith.

Joyce wins for most gracious under fire.
She looked very pretty with no hair.

while i still maintain i'm not a fan, my modest observations are as follows:
joyce is total coolmoe.
as a team, gretchen and meredith rock.
kelly needs to be smacked upside her airhead and i'd happily be the first in line to do it.
rob and amber ... fifth circle of hell, nuff said.



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