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I was tagged by the lovely Selkie (link to the right), but have not had time to reply until now! (My office desk is clear, and I can see to think. No the work's not all done, just organized better!)

1. Number of books I've owned? Are you kidding? Currently own about 500-600 books. I've given away that many at least once or twice, thinking I would simplify my life. I still think about it, but haven't done it. YET.

2. Last book I bought? Salt of the Earth by our dearest Papa.

3. Last book read? Completely? Some murder mystery with cats in it--you'd have to check the archives. Working on now? God and the World (is that the title? PapaC is asleep, I don't want to turn on the lights to go get the book in the bedroom!) by Papa Ratzi.

4. Five books that really mean a lot to me (and I'm skipping the Bible, 'cause we know it's on all our lists):

Til We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis (the first book my book club ever read together)
The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis (made me understand that I had to CHOOSE faith--this book changed my life)
The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene (I will never forget the sinful, yet faithful, unnamed priest)
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (sometimes you only have to write one)
A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry (a book that just leaves you limp)
Kristin Lavransdattar by Sigrid Undsett (three huge books, still didn't want it to end)
OK, so that's 6--I could have named 60. Count your blessings!

I won't tag anyone. I'm probably the last blogger to do this one anyway!


Til we have faces is easily one of my top 10 (100?)! You're the first person I know to have read the book. How perfect!

So far you are the only other person I've seen who has a history of giving away books thinking they will simplify their lives. I knew we were soul sistahs! :-)

Dear Mama T,

Rohinton Mistry--every book has been a revelation, but that one is a stunning view of life in the majority of the world today. Everyone who talks about how we will help the world needs to see what it is we need to help.

Julie D.,

I've given away books by the thousands thinking to simplify my life. What usually happens is that I discover I can't find the content online or the book int he library and I end up buying it back. God alone knows how many editions of Proust's In Search of Lost Time I have owned and discarded. (My present edition was an exceedingly expensive investment, purchased precisely so I wouldn't be tempted to do the same again.)

Oh well.





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