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26 Years and Counting!


I looks like you and Julie D. from Happy Catholic have the same anniversary. How cool is that?

Yea! Happy Anniversary!

That is very cool! What're the odds of us having the same anniversary?

Congratulations!!!! :-)

Happy Anniversary!!! 26 years sounds like a lot to me, but we're just coming up on 7. And that sounds like a lot too ;)

ahhh...y'all are my heroes -- and that ain't no baloney!

Congrats....and wishing you many more happy years to come!

Congratulations on your 26th Anniversary!

Blessings to you and Papa C!


We hit 26 in August. 1979 was a good year for weddings!

Happy anniversary! I also wanted to let you ladies know -- you must have missed it -- that The Pontificator, an Episcopalian priest, has resigned from his parish and is going to cross the Tiber. I knew you'd be excited; I know you go to an Anglican Use parish, and I'm sure you're familiar with The Pontificator (most Catholic bloggers are).

Oh, Congratulations!!



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