it's damn sad

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when a dog knows better how to treat an infant than its own human mother -- who wrapped her infant in plastic and tossed her in the woods.

read Stray Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby in Kenya


That is both one of the saddest and one of the most amazing stories I've ever read.

Hey Smockmomma,
Your girl got married yesterday!

Renee married a country singer named Kenny Chesney.

May they love one another.

Just thought you'd like to know!

Oh my gosh! I kind of liked Kenny Chesney. Now he's gone and done an awful thing like that. Hopefully he'll make her eat something.

The weird thing is that everyone in the country music business knows Kenny Chesney is gay. Rumors have always circulated about Renee Zellwigger's proclivities.

In 2005, why bother with a charade like this? It's very odd.

anon, unless YOU are renee or this country guy, you have no business accusing them of homosexuality.

I'm not "accusing" them of anything. Besides, being gay isn't a crime.

It's no secret in the music business that Kenny Chesney is gay. This I can confirm. Renee - well, all I know are the rumors, and if she wasn't, why would she marry a gay guy?

anon, feel free to contact me at my email addy and we can take this "outside" the blog.

kenny's not gay...maybe he's bi, who knows. but he's not in love w/ renee. he married her because she told him she's pregnant. he married her while he was engaged to another girl in texas. go figure. poor guy...he is so confused right now. love his music and wish he could live his life like he portrays in his songs. too bad fame screws it all up. he really wants to be the guy in those songs.



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