"It's true, you are a good woman.....

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..... Then again, you may be the antichrist." Doc Holliday

Well, I finally did it. Rented and watched one of Smock's favorite movies: Tombstone. Enjoyed it, surprisingly, once I got past just how weird Kurt Russell's mustache looked. I would have watched it a lot earlier if she had just told me that Sam Eliott was in it (since I have had a crush on him since the first time I ever saw him in anything.) And did you catch the tiny part that Billy Bob Thornton had, and boy, hasn't he changed in the last 12 years?

Anyway, now at least I'll know what's she's talking about when she does all those quotes!


I would have dearly loved to have George Bush say, "You called down the thunder, well now you've got it!" in response to 9/11 at some point. :)

We love that movie!! When folks would visit us in Sierra Vista, AZ, we'd pop that movie in before heading down the road for a visit to Tombstone. My husband can't get enough of Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday.

We went back for a visit last year and we all picked up new cowboy boots (my first pair ever...everyone else's were just new sizes). We raise a lot of eyebrows here in England!

"I'll be your Huckleberry."

It's one of my husband's favorite movies. However, I did NOT catch BBT's appearance in the movie. Will have to go back.

We quote regularly from it. One of my favorite scenes is when they first get into town and they are talking to sherrif Beehan(sp?) and he's trying to convince them that Tombstone is the next "big" city at which a gun fight breaks out in the street and Doc Holiday responds: "Ah yes, very cosmopolitan" I crack up every time I see that scene.

You'll be hard pressed to find a better Kilmer role I believe.

you're a daisy, mamaT.



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