"should john paul ii be a saint?"

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[warning: foul language/ironic, pregnant, hormonal rant ahead]

i swan! american journalists are so blasted arrogant. it chaps my ass to the bone to hear these bastards -- who i oft have to ask whether they have any moral fiber whatsoever anywhere at all within any of their beings -- pontificating on whether or not one of the greatest men who ever lived is worthy of sainthood and having the balls to question papa ratzi's "right" to fast forward the process. forgive me for losing all religion folks, but screw you.

i know it's crazy, sick and insane, but there are still those people out there who are seriously disappointed that JPII did not raise himself from the dead in order to usher in "the end times." makes me wanna puke, i tell y'all.


You say it, girl!

You notice they didn't raise that question ever when John Paul II fast forwarded Mother Teresa's sainthood process ... because no one would have listened to criticism of either him or her at the time. But when it's Papa Ratzi it's a free for all.

Sweet Micki...your passion sometimes gets the best of you. And what would Father Joe think of this rant of yours?

Perhaps it is not the business of the media to question the authority of religious leaders but we must never allow the frustrations of our heart to bring us to rebel against the teachings of such authorities either.

Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you. God will care for those whom He intends to use and if God be for it though the whole world be against it nothing can stop it.

Your friend in College Station

Amen, sister! (my overworked, tired perimenopausal hormonal soul feels your rage. ;) )

mr. preacher -- you're a dork.

: ) special dispensation is granted to pregnant mothers concerning scrapping on the pope!

I've always wondered what it was like to be the Devil's Advocate in the causes for sainthood.

What could he possibly put forward negatively on Mother Teresa? *crickets chirping* Christopher Hitchens (virulant atheist journalist) put forward two: one, that sheonly did it to become a saint, to which she said, "Oh yes! We should ALL try to be saints." The other: that known criminals gave to her organization, to which she said, "Who am I to question anyone giving to the poor?"

But they did try to put forward negative stuff on Mother Teresa. It ended up working in her favor, but the media tried to play up that she'd experienced a "long dark night of the soul" that lasted for years. Hello--that only speaks MORE about her faith. :-) But they did try.

to which i reply [to the journalists] why do you give a rat's rip anyway, you unwashed heathens?



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