No, No, No!!!! Tell me it's not so!!!

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Excuse me while I go throw up.

And then I'm going to bang my head against my desk top.

Thanks (I guess) to Dale at Dyspeptic Mutterings for the heads up. Go read his (and Lileks) rant on Bratz.


Well, I'm very thankful that I haven't had breakfast yet. Because I would have lost it when I saw that. Bleah.

Move over. I want to bang my head, too!

Oy gevalt!

I guess that's one reason to be thankful Amy's too old for dolls now.

Yes, I love lileks' rant. I went into orbit when I saw the commercial. "These babies know how to flaunt it" Flaunt what? FLAUNT WHAT?????????


gotta love the boys underoos -- no gender bending here.


email your comments to the pimps, er makers, of these bratz here.

Just when it looks like we've hit bottom, the big toy makers lower the bar...

Smock I'm guessing the boylike underwear is an ode to the Carrie Bradshaw character in Sex in the City. She knew how to flaunt those men's briefs too.

Doesn't worry me. I find Barbie and all of them amusing. I think by the rules of moraltiy, Barbie is probably worse as she dumped poor old faithful Ken for a newer model, she has an inhuman figure that many porn stars would die for and she is into onstentious consumption. I find the Baby borns and the other trendy dolls little different when I was young as I know I drove my mother bonkers wanting a doll that weed and did a range of other things as advertised on TV in the mid 1960s. I think I actually got the same doll for my birthday and was disappointed as she looked so much better on TV. My ten year old daughter is into Bratz dolls, neopets and the like and I don't mind indulging her a bit but only occasionally.

She'll need accessories: stripper pole, condoms, etc., and what the heck is that googly-eyed critter with her?! I think he's saying, "YIKES! Dorothy, the tornado blew your clothes off!" We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

Ooh, Smock, it's worse look at this bratz baby outfit

Nothin like fishnets on a baby! It's titled "Baby's night out" uh, out workin the block I'd say. Oh and look she has a cute studded handbag perfect for carrying all of those condoms Teresa just mentioned. Don't you just love the little belly shirt she has on that says angel.How cute! AAAKKK!

You realize a whole new level of fear when you have a daughter.

Well, I have three boys and I have to explain where their waistlines are and how their pants need to meet them--not mid rear end! The Holy Spirit moves me to give wedgies to boys who think they'll go out the door with pants pushed down. Sigh. Is it possible the Lord could resurrect a celebrity who knew how to dress well? Grace Kelly? Audrey Hepburn? Cary Grant? Where art thou?



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