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1. what's your favorite television show post-reality television?
2. tennis shoes or sandals?
3. what's your favorite bug?
4. mexican food or italian?
5. which flavor of ice cream can you not live without?


1. the guilty pleasure of arrested development.
2. sandals, hands down.
3. ladybug.
4. today, italian sounds yummy.
5. blue bell's moo-linium crunch.

1. ER
2. Sandles
3. Do butterflies count?
4. mexican, unless my mom is cooking
5. chocolate

1. Secular: "Cops" (I'm the only female in a house swarming with males), but my favorite is EWTN's (yes, I'm an EWTN nerd) "Journey Home"
2. sandals
3. a dead one
4. Mexican
5. Mint chocolate chip

1.Ok, I'll say it. I laught out loud when I watch Desperate Housewives

2. Sandles, Sandles, Sandles. anywhere and everywhere.

3. I'm gonna go with dead.

4. Mexican!

5. Mint chocolate chip.

1. Lost
2. Sandals
3. Lightning Bugs!
4. Italian
5. Coffee

1. Apprentice
2) tennis shoes
3) praying mantis
4) eye-talian
5) i practice diversity in ice cream consumption

i practice diversity in ice cream consumption
a man after my own heart.

1. Deadwood
2. sandals year-round, baby
3. bees
4. Tex-Mex, of course
5. rocky road

1. 24

2. sandals

3. can't think of one

4. italian. . . wait no mexican . . . wait no...

5. rocky road


1. Lost
2. Birkenstocks, year 'round!
3. dead ones, definitely
4. no fair.
5. mint chocolate chip. sigh.

1. Regis and Kelly
2. sandals
3. firefly
4. oh...that's hard...italian
5. coffee ice cream

1. EWTN live with Fr. Pacwa
2. Sandals (must have back straps, though)
3. fireflies or dragonflies
4. mexican
5. watermelon sherbet

1. Tie between Lost and House.
2. Sandals
3. ladybugs
4. Mexican
5. Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

1. Teletubbies
2. Sandals
3. Not to pick nits, but do you mean favorite insect or favorite bug? By using the vague term I am assuming that perhaps you would tolerate other arthropoda, for instance, arachnids? This is a difficult question. If we are talking about true bugs, then I don't think I have a favorite. If we are talking about insects in general, I would probably have to go with the Madagascar cockroach. If we expand to other arthropoda, then I would probably have to pick lobster.
4. Tuscan-Umbrian Italian, but followed very closely with Mexican.
5. Fior di latte or melon for gelato, chocolate chip for standard American ice cream. Coffee Heath Bar Crunch for American ice cream, specialty flavors division.

just as long as you don't EAT any of them, mr. keilholtz!

From Teletubbies to Fior di latte. Gotta love Erik; they broke the mold there. He out-orginals everybody.

1) Monk
2) Birkenstocks
3) Garden Spider
4) Mexican
5) Moose Tracks

1. don't watch much tv
2. Shoes (or just socks are fine with me)
3. BUG? Favorite BUG?
4. TOUGH choice. Mexican.
5. Mint Chocolate Chip, I guess or just plain vanilla

1. Monk

2. Tennis Shoes

3. Jiminy Cricket

4. {{{{indecision seizure}}}}

5. Chocolate

just as long as you don't EAT any of them, mr. keilholtz!

Not even the lobster? Or fried grasshoppers? Or ant eggs (a delicacy in Southern Mexico)?

1 - House/Arrested Development/Monk in a three way tie.

2 - Sandals (March thru November, which is really stretching it in Chicago)

3 - Lady, of course.

4 - Mexican - no, Italian - but, maybe, Mexican...

5 - Cherry chocolate chunk.

1. Desperate Housewives ... it's so outrageous and makes me laugh and gasp.

2. Feet are gross...definitely sneakers!

3. The kind that lays you up and you have to crawl into bed for 3 days (or the one that all the kids get and it makes them really lethargic).

4. My nursling has me on a dairy free diet these days, so I have to go with Mexican. But one should be forced to choose.

5. Ditto on the dairy free diet. Another one we shouldn't have to choose. Vanilla (or chocolate) with the ribbon of peanut butter, Baskin Robbins Mint Choco Chip, Safeway brand...most flavors.

Okay, I'll give this a whirl:
1. What Not To Wear
2. Sandals
3. Ladybugs, fireflies, butterflies
4. I like both equally - but I'm really getting hooked on the new caramel apple empanadas at Taco Bell!
5. Rocky Road

1. Is HGTV reality TV? Of course, my favorite is The Amazing Race. If that doesn't count, then House

2. Sandals in the summer, sneakers in the winter. I have sandals on now.

3. My green Volkswagen bug with blue racing stripes.

4. Sorry, not choosing. MUST HAVE BOTH.

5. Anything vanilla with chunks of chocolate in it. Or pumpkin. I LOVE pumpkin ice cream.

i LOVE the diversity of summa readers -- y'all are fun and witty and wonderful. thank you!

1. Boston Legal (It's Shattner, people!! I'm thinking of changing my name to "Denny Crane")

2.Neither: Bluchers

3. lobster, cockroach of the sea

4. Italian

5. B&J Cherry Garcia

1. Don't do TV. Sorry.

2. Sandals; no back strap, thanks.

3. Um....the kind that don't bite me. (And bug/insect - they're all the same in my book.)

4. Mexican. But a really good pizza can make me swoon.

5. Oh, baby....Heath Bar Crunch on the high end, but your basic soft-serve choc-vanilla twist with chocolate spinkles is a low-end classic. I always hope my kids can't finish theirs so I can.

I'm really late coming in here but here goes:

1. Desperate Housewives - it's the only show I just HAVE to watch.

2. Tennis shoes, but I'm on the lookout for a great pair of sandles for the summer.

3. Any bug that knows better to stay out of my house.

4. Definitely mexican!!

5. Chocolate


Sandals, baby!

Praying Mantis

Tex-Mex every time

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

shy one, never apologize for not "doing" television, hon.



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