one coolmoe thing about twins...

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twin.jpg that i can post this of babyA and simply tell you and, there's another one just like him in there.

this is the best face shot my perinatologist could get. the boys were playing shy on monday. well, not too shy. they didn't mind showing off their bums, but i didn't think the summa mamas needed that sort of publicity. anyway, the top of baby's head is on the right, chin is on the left. now can you see him?

posted for miz booshay, in the interest of putting up a non-creepy photo.


Very cool!

why, thanky, miss julie. hey -- what's number four on the Godmix you gave me? who's that by?

I KNEW there was something I forgot!!! I told MamaT that I'd print out a play list and then forgot ... I will look when I get home and send you the whole thing!!! :-)

Much better! Thank you very much my dear!

How are you feeling?
Are you livin' large yet? tee hee

What a perfect little head :o)


Cool isn't it!! It was really neat to watch my twins grow over the months (my doctor always looked at the babies every visit). BTW - how many more weeks do you have? You're doing great Smockmomma!

Song 4 is "Into the Light" by dcTalk. I have the pdf of the songs and am emailing it to you.



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