stay-at-home moms would bring in $131,471 yearly

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according to this article at personally, i think it's too low an estimate, but hey, that's just one smockmomma's opinion.


yeah, I thought they brought it in on the low side.

But how do you quantify a job that we williingly do for free...(you all know what I mean...there are days as a stay at home mom that I wouldn't have tolerated if they had been for pay. Not at 5 times $131,471. But for love, I'll do it for no pay at all.)

Yep, that's why we'll never be unionized. If we went out on strike, all it would take is one skinned knee for us all to break ranks and run for the crying baby.

Oh, well, I think we're earning stars in our crowns. At least that's what I tell myself when I'm washing out McKid's poopy panties......

You know, it is an article like this that make me rethink my objections to the people to want living wages for McDonald's hourly employees . . . if only you could get some sort of recognition that by staying home with your children you were doing the world a favor as opposed to the current reality which is the tax breaks for daycare.

yeah- I wish. I could buy a lot of merry-maid hours woth that kind of money :)



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