Yes, I know you're all green with envy....

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Because, believe it or not, I tied for the top spot in the Apologia Mouse Poetry Contest.

And what, you are asking, did you win, MamaT, for this outstanding achievement?

And I'll tell you.

NOTHING. I know, hard to believe, isn't it?

Ah, well, I guess undying fame will have to do.


(And, per Smock's request, here is the poem in question)

Oh, I am a pro-life person
Except when it comes to the mice,
Who nibble their way through the dog food,
And have chewed through our sheetrocking--TWICE!

Yes, they held a "rat rave" in my basement--
By the sight the next morning, a SCENE!
But it gave me a start, and a chance to reflect,
How much different are they from my teen?

Perhaps it is true, as the great author wrote,
That the quality of mercy's not strained.
Note to mice, and to son, better clean up your acts,
Before I renege, and you're brained!


In all fairness, don't you think you should post Craig's as well? He entered the competition so late, I don't think he got a fair shot at the votes. Yes, I think you should post his and then let readers decide which they prefer.

Congratulations! ;>

Well, I might post it. But I'm not asking people which they prefer! I'm holding on to my prize with eyes closed, breath held and both hands clasped around it, as a sign of my legitimacy as a writer. :-)

Besides, I suspect they'd pick his hands down. I would.

Hey! That picture is too creepy.
Post something I can stop looking at it!




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