A prayer request!

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From one of our regular readers, Lauren. Please help us pray!

I am making a desperate prayer request. My dearest friend's father (56) has been recently diagnosed with colon and lung cancer with tumors in his liver. Upon x-ray the lung cancer looks like snowflakes. This is beyond any surgical help. His name is Pete.

I'm praying. Will you pray, too?


I will add my prayers. St. Peregrine - pray for us!!

Prayers being said! Seems like many people are needing prayers at this moment. Hope all is well with others esp. the smocktwins! Precious gifts from God! Kitty

Of course!

Praying for Pete.

May God's grace be powerfully present with Pete and all those who love and are caring for him. May the comfort and consolation of the Holy Spirit move Pete's heart toward Christ, there to rest in the Sacred Heart and be freed from all fear. May no circumstance come to Pete which is not filtered through the powerful and gracious love of our Heavenly Father.

Blessed Miguel Pro pray for us.



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