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....although why I continue to be surprised is, perhaps, a testament to my naivete.

Check out the story on the Expagan's blog: Anglican Church installs Wi Fi Access in Church.

"The church has to move with the times and I wanted to make St Johnís a sanctuary for everyone, including business people with laptops and mobiles," Kimber said in a statement issued by BT. "I have no problem with people quietly sending an email or surfing the Internet in church, as long as they respect the church."



Wow. No way would that be acceptable!!! Crazy.

I'm hoping that someone out there can design a computer program that can make use of my computer's unused cycles to pray for me, kind of like SETI@home. :-) Maybe we can bring our laptops to church and have them insert specially blessed CDs into the drives at communion time so that our computers won't feel left out when we receive the Eucharist. *sigh*

Off topic, MamaT ... when my computer was stolen so was my email address for you. I have blogger's lunch details for you if you're still interested ... email me.

I can just picture a bunch of nicely dressed businessmen sitting quietly in church, downloading porn.

Why sigh? They don't have real mass there anyhow. They could install a casino for all the difference it would make.

Sean, that's a great idea! Can you imagine all the Jesus wanna-be's descending on them and attempting to cast them out of his Father's house. They could make it a reality TV series.

I hate to really quibble, but I have a friend who I had asked if they thought they would ever become Catholic. The response, well, if I weren't already Catholic . . .
um, look around you. You can say that the more conservative Anglican beliefs set you apart, but what good is this arm when the body is dead?

heavy, heavy sigh.

Are there little tvs with earphones, too?


i could only imagine the ladies' reactions who scoff at the children who bring their books and action figures.

but then again, i'd be a scoffer too if i dare saw a laptop.



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