i have the best ob/gyn in the whole wide world

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i got to see him today. everything looks good to go, so tuesday's the big day.

for the first time ever, smockhub and i took the entire clan to see him. docA has never seen any of them since my six weeks follow-ups and he's never seen all of them together save the Christmas cards i send him and his office staff. (thank God for small miracles) they were very well behaved; of course, smockdaddy told them they must "be good or be gone." this little directive always works better coming from smockdaddy for some reason.

anyway, i told all of the wee ones that "this is the man who delivered you all. he gave all of you your very first hug." docA stood there in awe. all he could say was, "what a miracle! what a miracle!" yes. this man is catholic and i credit him with saving my life twice already -- i hope he doesn't have to again come tuesday.

he reminded us as we left his office, "God's already at the birth of these boys, so all we have to do is trust in Him."

thank God for docA and those like him.


What a shot of confidence, to have such a man of God working with you! This Sunday, we will light 4 candles, one for you, one for each of your precious sons, and one for the doctor. Blessings!

How fortunate you are to have such a faith-filled doctor! I lucked out the last time around with finally finding a Catholic midwife who acknowledged that God is the one in control. best wishes for you on Tuesday! Looks like St. Blog's is going through a mini-boom these days. :-)

I would smooch him if I could. Yee haw! I can't WAIT for Tuesday!

I'm glad you have such a good dr. If I ever need an OB i'll come to you for a reccomendation. I've never seen one and hope to keep it that way.

I love my ob/gyn as well. I recommend him to everyone! Isn't it wonderful not to dread those yearly checkups? I was so sad that he did not deliver Thomas, but he came to see us the following day on his day off! All through my pregnancy he was so comforting and reassuring.

loved this story!!

my ob/gyn passed away from cancer last april. i wasn't as sad then as i am now...i really, really miss him. he had been my one and only since i was 18 and delivered all my precious babies and my sisters and sisters-in-law, as well - 9 kids from one family altogether!

i, too, will light candles and say prayers for all involved on tuesday. peace be with all of you.

i truly hope this doesn't sound trite because it is honestly intended:

thank you all. may God bless you for kind words and prayers!



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