Book #22 of 2005 finished:

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The Raphael Affair by Iain Pears. A snappy little mystery, taking place in Rome and London, with a nice set of protagonists: General Bottando and his trusty aide, the glamorous Flavia, are part of the Italian National Art Theft Squad. They run into Jonathan Argyll, a British art historian, who thinks that a mediocre painting by an artist named Mantini actually covers up an unknown Raphael. When the painting is purchased by a well know art dealer, the mystery is on. The beautiful painting is destroyed, a restorer is murdered. What is going on?

Well, I can't tell you, because it's a mystery. Liked the characters, was a little lost in the plot. Will try another book in the series. Also have two more books, not in the Argyll series by Mr. Pears: An Instance of the Fingerpost and Scipio's Dream. But they are projects for another day. I went to the library last night and checked out Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog. That's next on the list.

Boy, time without my kiddo is proving good time to read, huh?


Can't wait to see how you like it!

Your #22 just went on my reading list. :-)



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