MMT Day #3

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Tuesday was the day to see Mt. Rushmore. According to Zteen, it is definitely worth seeing, but you shouldn't plan a whole vacation around it! So, here's your look at it:


After four hours, they left there and went around to the Crazy Horse monument that is being built with private funds. Here's what it looks like:


The guys thought that this was pretty much a rip off. Since it is being done with private funds, it costs a LOT to get anywhere close to the monument itself. The guys didn't think they could afford $200 (!!!!!) to go on the tour out to Crazy Horse's arm, as much as they would have liked to.

Anyway, from there they drove on to Devils Tower. You know, the one in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And that's where they camped for the night:


Not so many miles driven today, only about 125 or so. Here's his map for today:


They are having so much fun! We can hear it in their voices. Those of you who are praying for them, keep it up. As they get tireder, we hope they don't lose their joy.


I'm much enjoying this trip log MamaT. Very well done, especially the maps since I'm visually stimulated. Keep up the good work; I feel like an armchair traveler!

I, too, am getting vicarious pleasure from your travelog. (It's been a long, long time since I saw Mt. Rushmore but I'm feeling the awe all over again.)

Will keep praying...
Am looking forward to updates.

I always push the send button too early, so you might get an empty comment. Anyway, we live in Gallup, NM and it is a wonderful tourist place, Monument Valley, Navajo reservation, Grand Canyon not too far, Mesa Verde up north about 3 hours and a big house in Gallup (ours) with many young Catholics around town who would love to meet the travelers. Please email if they decide to come this direction. We will give them their space but be happy to give them food, directions and a free place to sleep. God bless them and you! It's very difficult to know they are traveling but not really know what they are doing. Kitty

Kitty, thanks for the offer! I will tell them about Gallup, if I know in time where they are going!!!!

Bless you for your offer!

In defense of the Crazy Horse "rip off"...I've had the privilege of visiting the monument/memorial three times, in progressive stages, it has been an incredible thing to witness over the years. First time was in '79 when I was 10 years old. It looked like a big rock sticking up out of the ground kind of in the shape of a guy on a horse. Next time was in '96, and you could see the chief's face (sort of), the arm, etc. Last time was in '03, and WOW, to profile and the beginnings of the horse's head!

I'm sure my kids were like, "Uh, big DEAL? It looks nothing like RUSHMORE, duh." I can only hope that they will return on their own some day and tell their friends and family...."I remember when you could only see the PROFILE of the chief's FACE!"

I'm really enjoying this travel log!



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