Friday Feast, ya'll

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What comes to mind when you hear the word bizarre?

Using just a few words, describe your childhood.

Name one thing you do each day that you feel improves your appearance.

Main Course
On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how would you rate your self-confidence?

Where did you last find a bargain?

My answers will be in the comments boxes, with yours!


1. strange
2. I was a geek. (still am)
3. take a shower... more to what the question is really asking, though, would probably be taking the time to blow dry my hair.
4. I'd rate myself about a 5 on average.
5. Last bargain was Bob's Diner in Henrietta, NY. 5 adults ate breakfast for less than $25 (before tip)

1. Bizarre? Often the world at large.
2. Childhood? Happy, sad, geeky (yep, me too, Amy!)
3. Appearance? Not much--this is my area of weakness. I don't do much for my appearance.
4. Confidence? Depends too much on the situation. Meeting new people? -10. Talking with friends? 6 or 7. I probably average a 5, overall.
5. Bargain? Grocery store! Boneless New York strip steaks for $1.89 a pound. I thought they were mismarked, and asked the meat manager--he said, "If I mismarked it, you get the benefit!" I bought all three packages they had at that price!

1) tres bizarre . . . what my sister and I always say instead
2) needlessly unhappy

3)face cream. I don't wear much make-up, especially now since it was pilferred, but I love my face cream


5) ebay

daddy. I mean ;) crazy strange eccentric

Soup fun happy loving

uhm brush my hair. im not really into my appearance.

Main Course
HA 4, but somedays 6.

I got some cute winter clearance dresses for $4 each at Babies R Us for my baby girl last weekend after we celebrated her with dinner.

App- Strange behavior

soup- Mostly a happy one but tension filled

salad- Shower and blowdry my hair

Main- 6

Dessert- ebay

Bizarre: The song with the lyrics "How bizarre..."

Childhood: Until I got married it was the best part of my life.

Improve my appearance: Wash my hair

Self-confidence: 7

Bargain: Target

Appetizer == Televangelists who claim to heal people by having them touch their televisions and send in a check (ala Benny Hinn).

Soup == "Raised by wolves."

Salad == Neutregena Healthy Skin SPF 15 creme, when I can afford it.

Main = I think I average about a 5

Dessert == Got two First Grade learning/activity books, each practically unused, for Zooey for 75 cents at my favorite thrift store. Trying to keep the child busy because he doesn't know what to do with himself now that school's out.

1. bizarre? michael jackson
2. dysfunctional
3. take my vitamins along with my paxil :)
4. 7 for personality 4 for appearance (does that count?)
5. payless. cute sandals bo-go.

App: ...Love Triangle

Soup: deadbeat dad, heroic mom, relatively happy child

Salad: what a girly question. there's nothing i do every day. I shine my shoes more than most men I know, though.

Main course: depending on the day, anywhere from 3-7.

Dessert: I bought our current scanner for 10 bucks. It was 3 years old, but had never been used because the owner couldn't figure out how to set it up.

Funny Hats

Thoughtful, curious, fast


Main Course

Walmart *grimace*

An Arab marketplace. Then the person will say, "I said beezarre, not bahzar!" Then I will think of the French, and something bizarre about the French is their love of little dogs.

Adventures. Drawing. Hiking. Fishing.


Main Course
Depends on what.


Bizarre: People with pierced body parts.

Childhood: Bookish, safe, insulated, innocent.

Appearance: Brush my hair.

Confidence: About....5. Though there's always frequent wavering...

Bargain: A local designer/manufacturer of beautiful bedding in reproduction antique fabrics had her annual sample sale here- got a summer-weight quilt for half-price. Very happy 'bout that.

Appetizer: Bizarre? Ed Wood films. Especially Glen or Glenda?

Soup: My Hoosier childhood in five words: The many moods of soybeans.

Salad: What do I do every day to improve my appearance? Spend ten minutes reading James Lileks. I look better when I smile a lot.

Main course: My self-confidence averages about a four. This is balanced by the fact that my husband's confidence in me is a constant 9.5.

Dessert: Last great bargain was on four Walker Percy hardbacks less than 10 bucks total including shipping.

1. Situation normal!

2. Idyllic. And I was, of course, oblivious and most often unappreciative.

3. Wash my face with one of those Olay Daily face cloths. That constitutes my beauty routine. I think my skin looks clearer and younger.

4.Sometimes 2; sometimes 9. And the feelings arenít necessarily an accurate gauge of how confident I should be.

5. Cotton cable cardigans on the 75% off rack at Target.

Bizarre: Blue hair that is spiky

Childhood: pools and intense heat (Florida)

Appearance: blush to even out my skin tone

Self-confidence: 6

Bargain: Mr. Smith's for Happy Hour. Half off appetizers!

Appetizer: Douglas Adams

Soup: Homeschool, rural, daydreaming

Salad: finding some way to tie back or do up my long hair.

Main Course: about an 8

Dessert: Asian grocery near my house, their prices on some things are 1/3 the normal grocery store prices. Woohoo!



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